Tell me what you’d rather die for than lose.
If you asked me I’d say you.


For someone that claimed to once love me you seem to do everything in your power to continuously hurt me


Can you fix my broken heart?
I’ve tried to bandage the damage
It takes one simple step to fix me
But you refuse to move
Stuck in your concrete shoes.


Fade Away

I tried so hard to make you fade away

But in my thoughts you continue to stay

Haunting me with memories of pain

Taunting me with the idea that things could go back to the same-

The same way they were before you and me

Before I knew how cruel the world could be

Take me back to my days of innocence 

Give me back my days of sweet ignorance.

I pray the dark cloud that is you will fade away

So that by chance i can once again be hit by the happiness of a sun ray


Pretty Lies

You painted me a picture, a beautiful world

How could I know it would all to soon become unfurled.

Those pretty lies you fed my soul

have now begun to take their tole

Those pretty lies of love and forever

were simply your tools to gain a quick pleasure.

Those special words I thought were only for me 

turned out to be used on all those in your company.

How I wish I still lived in the days of believing your pretty lies.

I miss the days of not seeing through your deceitful guise.

For ignorance is always bliss

Especially when it holds promises of giving me back everything I miss.

But I can’t let go of the fact that your pretty lies were nothing but lies

And so it has become my heart’s demise


You can close your eyes to things you don’t want to see,

But you cannot close your heart to things you don’t want to feel.



Forever up

Forever down

Forever my mind wanders around.

Not knowing what to be 

Not knowing what to feel 

I search so hard to hear a sound.

A sign

An indication 

of what to do with my life


Let me be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds.

Don’t let the unknown be the anchor that pulls you back to the ground.

Stay here with me a little longer.

Just breathe and let out love grow stronger,

Because one day there may be no more me and you

And so I cherish each precious day with you.

To wish for you to feel the same

would only undoubtedly cause me pain.

For if I must wish for how you feel

I’m wishing for something that isn’t real.

So love me please with all your heart

If nothing at least so that mine doesn’t fall apart.